MLCC capacitors help cut PCB space

27th September 2023
Mick Elliott

Knowles’ new StackiCAP MLCC capacitors offer a combination of case size, capacitance, and voltage.

They are in stock at distributor RFMW.

They can significantly reduce PCB space for applications needing high voltage, high capacitance MLCCs. The unique design incorporates a patented sponge layer technology allowing the part to be stacked up while terminated as a single MLCC homogenous design. Typical MLCC material is brittle and subject to cracking due to the piezoelectric, which causes parts to vibrate when current is applied. The sponge layer helps dampen the vibration and reduce the potential for cracking.

StackiCap products are available in voltage ratings up to 2kV and capacitance options up to 5.6uF.

Available case sizes include 1812, 2220, 2225, and 3640 with operation temperature range from -55C to +125C and most are available with AEC-Q200 qualification.

Key features of the capacitors include

  • High voltage and capacitance in one chip size
  • Max Capacitance: 5.6uF
  • Voltage Range: 200V to 2kV

Applications coverpower supplies, lighting, aerospace electronics, and high voltage applications where a large amount of capacitance is required

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