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20th June 2022
GaN transistors enable 5G Massive MIMO deployment

NXP’s recently launched portfolio of discrete Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors to expand 5G Massive MIMO coverage is in stock at specialist RF distributor RFMW.

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1st June 2022
Acquisition extends RFMW’s global footprint

RFMW has extended its global footprint by acquiring Spain-based distributor Spantech Technology Solutions.

27th May 2022
Circulators cover range from 3100 to 5000 MHz

In stock at distributor RFMW are circulators from RF Circulator Isolator (RFCI) designed to meet the demands of linear power amplifiers in lower 5G band systems.

23rd May 2022
Microwave absorbing materials on sale at RFMW

Microwave absorbing materials from MAST Technologies are in stock at distributor RFMW.

12th May 2022
Engineering design kit delivers wide range of solutions

Design and sales support for MAST Technologies microwave absorbing materials is available at distributor RFMW.

29th April 2022
Wideband amplifier suits linear applications

A Wideband SMA connectorized amplifier from Amplifier Solutions is now in stockt at distributor RFMW.

26th April 2022
Dipole antenna boasts 2.15 dBi omni-directional gain

A half-wave dipole antenna from Southwest Antennas handles 50W of RF energy over a frequency span of 902 to 928 MHz.

25th April 2022
High power amplifier for mmwave sub-systems

RFMW has released the QPB3238N, a high frequency, high power amplifier from Qorvo.

20th April 2022
Power amplifier suits benchtop applications

Distributor RFMW announces design and sales support for a wideband, benchtop Power Amplifier from RF-Lambda.

14th April 2022
MMIC diplexer combines high pass, low pass filter

The MDPX-0305 is a broadband passive MMIC diplexer from Marki Microwave is a combination high pass and loss pass filter, capable of multiplexing low frequency DC to 3 GHz and high frequency 5 to 26.5 GHz signals.

12th April 2022
Beamforming RFIC for Ku-Band applications

A beamforming RFIC from Renesas is in stock at distributor RFMW with full design support.

7th April 2022
Amplifier module supplies 32 dB of gain

A high power amplifier module from Elite RF is now in stock at distributor RFMW with full design support.

6th April 2022
Amplifier module for low noise ISM

Design and sales support for a new Low Noise SMA connectorized amplifier module from Amplifier Solutions Corp is announced by distributor RFMW.

31st March 2022
High power amplifier operates across 27 to 31 GHz

A high frequency, high power amplifier from Qorvo is in stock at distributor RFMW with design support.

30th March 2022
GaAs MESFET suits military, hi-rel SWaP designs

RFMW announces availability of discrete devices from Microwave Technology (MwT).

30th March 2022
Coaxial resonator oscillators deliver -125 dBc/Hz

Distributor RFMW has announced design and sales support for APA Wireless Coaxial Resonator oscillators (CRO).

28th March 2022
Power divider portfolio in stock at RFMW

Availability of the Knowles – DLI Wilkinson Power Divider portfolio ranging from 2 to 42 GHz is announced by distributor RFMW.

28th March 2022
Discrete pHEMT provides 24 dBm of output power at P1dB

A discrete 250-Micron pHEMT from Qorvo which operates from DC to 20 GHz is available from distributor RFMW.

23rd March 2022
Dipole antenna delivers wideband performance

Distributor RFMW has announced design and sales support for a Southwest Antennas’ half-wave dipole antenna.

18th March 2022
GaN amplifier delivers 16W from 10.7 to 12.7 Ghz

A high efficiency & linearity GaN amplifier from Qorvo delivers what is claimed to be an industry- leading 16 W of saturated power from 10.7 to 12.7 GHz.

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