Infineon launches CoolSiC MOSFET 750V G1 product family

27th February 2024
Paige West

Infineon Technologies has unveiled its 750V G1 series of discrete CoolSiC MOSFETs, designed to cater to the growing requirements for enhanced efficiency and power density in both industrial and automotive power systems.

This series encompasses SiC MOSFETs tailored for a variety of power conversion topologies, including totem-pole PFC, T-type, LLC/CLLC, dual active bridge (DAB), HERIC, buck/boost, and phase-shifted full bridge (PSFB). These MOSFETs are suitable for a range of industrial uses, such as electric vehicle charging stations, industrial motors, solar power and energy storage, solid state circuit breakers, UPS systems, server/data centres, and telecommunications, as well as automotive applications, including onboard chargers, DC/DC converters, and more.

The 750V G1 CoolSiC MOSFET technology distinguishes itself through RDS(on) x Qfr and RDS(on) x Qoss figures of merit (FOMs), delivering high efficiency across both hard-switching and soft-switching topologies. Its design features a high threshold voltage (VGS(th), Typ. of 4.3V) and a low QGD/QGS ratio, providing high immunity to unintended turn-ons and enabling the use of unipolar gate-driving schemes. This contributes to an increase in power density and a reduction in system costs. Infineon's proprietary die-attach method ensures excellent thermal impedance for the size of the die, and the robust gate oxide design, alongside Infineon’s rigorous qualification processes, guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

The CoolSiC MOSFET 750V G1 series offers a broad selection, with RDS(on) values ranging from eight to 140 mΩ at 25°C, thereby accommodating a wide spectrum of power requirements. The design of these MOSFETs reduces both conduction and switching losses, significantly enhancing system efficiency. Their innovative packaging solutions reduce thermal resistance, enable better heat dissipation, and optimise the power loop inductance within circuits, leading to higher power density and lower overall system costs. Notably, this product line introduces the advanced QDPAK top-side cooled package.

For automotive applications, the CoolSiC MOSFET 750 V G1 is available in QDPAK TSC, D2PAK-7L, and TO-247-4 packages. For industrial applications, the options include QDPAK TSC and TO-247-4 packages.

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