Hybrid capacitors target high-reliability applications

3rd March 2015
Nat Bowers

Panasonic has introduced the ZC series of conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors with 45% higher ripple current. Suiting high-reliability and other applications which require low leakage, high capacitance and high stability, the 125°C hybrid capacitors feature a high-withstand voltage of 25-63V and low leakage current of 0.01 CV or 3µF.

The 125°C hybrid capacitors in 25 and 35V now feature a ripple current of up to 2900mArms. This is the best performance available for such small devices and approaches the ripple current performance of solid polymer devices (10.2mm maximum height) but with the many advantages of the hybrid polymer capacitor technology - low leakage current, high capacitance, low power consumption, stable operation and the ability to withstand test environmental conditions (85°C, 85%RH, 2,000 hours).

Capacitance value is 10 to 330μF and endurance is 4,000 hours at 125°C, the longest endurance in the industry by each case size (C, D, D8, F & G).

Melanie Raimann, European Product Manager, Polymer Capacitors, Panasonic, commented: “With an operating temperature range of -55 to +125°C, these AEC-Q200 qualified, RoHS-compliant parts target high reliability applications including automotive, base stations, industrial equipment, DC/DC converter and power supplies. Vibration-proof resistant devices are available upon request for can sizes of greater than 8mm in diameter.”

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