High Voltage Capacitors have Smaller Packages

13th December 2005
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Syfer Technology has developed a range of high voltage capacitors in smaller packages to help product designers meet ever-tightening constraints for increased performance in a reduced form factor.
Syfer’s latest range of 4kV DC rated capacitors is available in the popular 1808 and 2225 case sizes, thereby delivering significant board space reductions and design flexibility, while at the same time, saving on costs. Until now, the minimum case size required to accommodate 4kV rated capacitors has been the bulky and comparatively expensive 3640.
Devices in the new range are offered in both the ultra-stable COG (NPO) dielectric and the X7R dielectric, with capacitance values up to 4.7nF. Available in the 1808 package, for example, are COG devices up to 56pF and X7R capacitors up to 560pF. For higher capacitance ranges at 4kV DC, Syfer offers COG devices up to 470pF and X7R dielectric components to 4.7nF.
These high voltage capacitors are likely to be of most interest to engineers seeking efficient and reliable voltage protection at increased levels.
The range will suit applications in the communications and telecoms sectors, as well as industrial and military markets. Specific applications include inverters and backlighting circuits for liquid crystal displays.

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