High-Q low-ESR MLCCs reduce power consumption in RF applications

15th February 2008
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Murata’s GQM series of high-Q multilayer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitors features low ESR and high Q at VHF, UHF and microwave frequencies. Low ESR – 0.1 Ohms at 1GHz for a typical 10pF capacitor – helps reduce power consumption in mobile phones, basestations and telecommunications equipment, particularly RF power amplifiers. The series comes with high voltage ratings up to 250V in 0603 packaging, and up to 100V in 0805 packaging. 0805 versions rated at 250V are under development.
This series is available with tight tolerances, meaning designers can improve matching circuits and reduce reflection loss. Capacitors under 5pF are available with tolerances as tight as +/-0.05pF; 5 to 9pF parts have tolerances down to +/-0.25pF, and tolerance is as low as +/-1% for 10 to 20pF parts.

The GQM series’ inner electrode is made of copper, which is both economical and effective when compared to palladium. The structure of the copper electrode is optimised to suppress parasitic parallel resonance, which is a key factor in realising one of the industry’s lowest ESR figures.

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