Heat sink extrusions on sale at New Yorker Electronics

10th June 2020
Mick Elliott

New Yorker Electronics has announced the global distribution of the newly expanded line of Heat Sink Extrusions from Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS).

The Extrusion Profiles series is comprised of aluminum alloy, the most cost-effective solution for the majority of electronic cooling applications.

The standard bar length is 300mm for easier design prototype manufacturing, however ATS maintains a vast inventory of profiles in a wide variety of sizes.

In addition, engineers and designers can cut the extrusion bar to the appropriate heat sink design. This also works particularly well for MIL applications that cannot reveal project details.

The ATS Extrusion Profile series is also well-matched to Altera, AMD, Freescale, Intel, TI and Xilinx applications.

The Extrusion Profiles are available in Straight Fin, STAR LED and Linear LED designs and custom finishes (anodisation) available upon request.

Other types of Heat Sink Extrusions from ATS include Straight Fin Extrusions, Slant Fin Extrusions, Pin Fin Extrusions and LED Extrusions.

These high aspect ratio heat sinks are ideal for applications where there is adequate airflow to take optimum advantage from these designs.

ATS also offers an array of heat sink extrusion profiles with different thermal performances, fin-to-fin spacing, lengths and heights. Extrusion profiles enable engineers to either select or start their design from a pre-tooled extrusion profile for the cooling solution.

There is no MOQ and no NRE required; so for standard extrusion profile or design expertise, New Yorker Electronics is able to fulfill orders quickly.

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