Space Agency approves AVX tantalum chip capacitors

12th December 2013
Nat Bowers

AVX has revealed that the European Space Agency have approved their high-reliability TES Series low ESR tantalum chip capacitors. Having received full ESA qualified part list qualification approval in accordance with the European Space Components Coordination specification ESCC3012/004, the TES Series tantalum SMD chip capacitors offer higher capacitance and lower ESR values than any existing ESCC-qualified tantalum devices designed for use in aerospace applications.

Tomas Zednicek, Technical Marketing Manager at AVX, comments: “TES Series tantalum capacitors, which were previously qualified to the ESA’s European Preferred Parts List (EPPL2), provide the lowest ESR and highest CV values of any existing QPL-qualified space component, as well as feature a high-reliability design without compromise.”

Available in five miniature sizes spanning 3216-18 to 7343-43 and in single and multianode cases, the TES Series capacitors can be downsized. This enables design engineers to realise significant reductions in both payload and physical space, which are extremely beneficial in aerospace applications. The single anode TES Series tantalum capacitors are available in 3216-18, 3528-21, and 6032-28 sizes. The vertical multianode TES Series parts are available in 7343-31 sizes, whilst the mirror multianode TES Series parts, which fully halve ESR values, are available in 7343-43 sizes. Available with either ±10% and ±20% tolerances, the TES series offers three screening levels (B (x-ray), C, and non-ER for non-flight parts) and three ESCC lot acceptance testing levels.

Supplied in bulk or on 4” or 7” tape and reel upon request, the TES Series tantalum SMD chip capacitors were produced in AVX’s ESA-qualified manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic. Featuring SnPb terminations, the lead time for the series is 24 to 36 weeks depending upon LAT level requirements.

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