CV polymer tantalum capacitor is 'industry's smallest'

28th November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Expanding its F38 series, AVX has introduced a CV polymer tantalum capacitor claimed to be the smallest and highest in the industry. The 6.3V, 47μF device is packaged in a miniature 0603 M case with an ultra-low 0.9mm profile. Compared to the next smallest polymer tantalum capacitor with equivalent CV, which is packaged in a 0805 case with a 1.0mm profile, the new device is 50% smaller.

Manufactured from conductive polymer tantalum materials, the F38 capacitor exhibits high conductivity, low ESR, low ESL and high ripple current capabilities. To enable low ESL and higher capacitance values in the smaller case size, the capacitor features face down terminals. Providing a safer alternative to comparable MnO2 type capacitors, the device is robust against ignition. 

The lead-free compatible, RoHS-compliant device is suitable for use in the power supply circuits of electronics applications, such as the battery or power lines of smartphones, tablet PCs, handheld gaming systems, wireless modules and hearing aids.

The F38 series of capacitors, which operate from -55 to +105°C, are offered in M case 0603 and S case 0805 sizes with profiles spanning 0.7 to 0.9mm.The 0603 M case capacitors are available in 6.3 and 10V voltages with capacitance values ranging from 2.2 to 47μF, while the 0805 S case capacitors are available in 6.3V from 22 to 47μF. AVX is also developing F38 series extensions, including a 6.3V, 33μF M case 0603 capacitor and 4V, 100μF; 6.3V, 68μF; and 10V, 22μF S case 0805 capacitors.

“The high CV values we were able to achieve in the smaller and thinner 1608 M case F38 series capacitor extend the series’ many performance benefits for further downsizing of a broad range of small, handheld electronics applications, which is a rapidly growing market segment,” said Tomas Zednicek, Technical Marketing Manager, AVX.

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