CSRT thin film current sense chip resistors

1st July 2020
Alex Lynn

Power supplies and current sensing circuits have requirements that are as wide ranging as the end products they serve. For applications that require low TCR sense chip resistors, yet don’t need extremely low resistance values for high current handling, this can be difficult.

Low resistance values typically offer low TCR options, but higher resistance values are typically thick film elements with poor TCR.

Stackpole's new CSRT thin film current sense chip resistors offer resistance values from 10 milliohm to 10ohm with TCR ranging from 50 to 200ppm depending on resistance value.

Sizes and power ratings range from 0.2W in the 0201 size to three watts in the 2512 size. The low TCR and higher relative resistance value of the CSRT is a good choice for power supplies for currents between two and 17A, industrial power control, consumer electronics, telecom, computer, measurement equipment, battery management, and LED drivers.

Pricing for the CSRT depends on size, resistance value, and tolerance, and ranges from $0.02 to $0.10 each in full reel quantities.

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