Chip capacitors focus on automotive applications

30th March 2016
Mick Elliott

Two new series of Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors for automotive applications from TDK are now available in Europe at distributor TTI. Featuring TDK’s advanced precision technologies that enable the use of multiple thinner ceramic dielectric layers, the CGA Series Automotive Grade is available in two variants: General for applications up to 50V, and Mid Voltage for applications between 100V to 630V.

The new TDK CKG Series Automotive Grade MLCC MEGACAP Type features a double-stacked structure which achieves twice the capacitance of existing products in the same footprint.

The CGA Series General has a monolithic structure which ensures superior mechanical strength and reliability.   Low ESL and excellent frequency characteristics allow a circuit design that closely conforms to theoretical values.

Further benefits of the Series include low self-heating and high ripple resistance due to low ESR. These AEC-Q200 compliant MLCCs suit automotive engine control units, automotive sensor modules and battery line and switching power supply smoothing applications.

The CGA Series Mid Voltage automotive MLCCS covers a range of rated voltages from 100V to 630V and a capacitance range up to 15µF.

Featuring excellent DC Bias properties, the product line offers a comprehensive choice of parts suitable for most requirements. Applications include inverter or DC-DC converter decoupling, smoothing and snubber circuits in hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles.

In addition to offering twice the capacitance in the same footprint, the CKG Series MEGACAP Type MLCC also features lower ESR and ESL than AI capacitors.  

The capacitors are capable of absorbing thermal and mechanical stresses and also features improved vibration performance. Suitable automotive applications include smoothing circuits, DC-C converters, LED and HID applications, piezoelectric and temperature variable applications.

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