Ceramic resonators target contactless payment technology

25th May 2007
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To meet the fast growing and high potential demand in the converging consumer/communications/IT sector, Murata has announced a number of innovative extensions to its CSTCE range of Ceralock ceramic resonators. Designed to operate as clock oscillators or timing control circuits for microprocessor based equipment, ceramic oscillators are increasingly replacing quartz crystal devices due to their smaller size and built in load capacitance. Operating over a wide frequency range, the devices offer improved frequency stability and frequency tolerance, with the additional advantage of lower cost.
The latest devices, the CSTCE-XK range are designed specifically for the emerging wireless application of near field communications (NFC). Operating at the required 27.12MHz frequency, the device features a super tight initial frequency tolerance of –250 to +200ppm. Further, frequency shift by temperature over the 0oC to 70oC range, is +/-150ppm, making it ultra reliable.

Near field communications applications include contactless payment systems, typically using a mobile phone, but also in other hand held devices such as PDAs and games consoles. Trials are underway in Japan, Europe and North America, and systems are expected to emerge over the next few years, particularly for ticketing and entertainment applications.

Murata’s CSTCE-XK range also includes models running at 24, 30 and 48MHz which are eminently suitable for USB applications, particularly for meeting high speed USB2.0
specifications. Again, the high performance and small size make these ceramic resonators ideal for incorporation into small portable devices such as digital cameras, portable storage devices, laptops, printers and mobile phones.

All the devices in the range benefit from built-in load capacitors, offered at 5, 10 and 15pf +/-20%, providing additional space saving as the need for an external load capacitor is eliminated. The devices are contained in a compact surface mount package, measuring just 3.2 x 1.3 x 1mm, ideal for high-density mounting.

These ceramic parts are constructed with gold flash electrodes to enable conductive glue mounting and/or lead free soldering. Full production volumes, in 3000pcs/reel, are available from Murata’s Japanese factory via the extensive distribution network.

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