Capacitors feature low equivalent series inductance for high clock speeds

24th October 2006
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Murata has announced a number of recent additions to its LLL, LLA, LLM and LLK series of low ESL capacitors, extending the capacitance ranges, over standard and extra low profile versions, while keeping ESL especially low. The LLL range, for example, with ESL quoted at 150 to 250pH, and targeting microprocessor clock speeds from 120 to 800MHz, has been extended with a number of X7S dielectric parts with capacitance ranges now up to 0.68µF (low profile) and 2.2µF (standard) in the smallest 0306 footprint, to 4.7µF and 10µF in the 0508 package and to 10 and 22µF in the 0612 size.
The LLA series, with an ESL of 80 to 120pH for clock speeds from 800 to 2GHz, now includes low profile devices up to 4.7µF in the 0805 and 1206 footprints, and parts to 2.2µF, 10µF or 22µF in the standard profile 0603, 0805 and 1206 footprints respectively.

Recent extensions to the LLM (45pH) series for clock speeds up to 3GHz, include the first standard profile parts in the smaller 0603 package with capacitances from 1 to 2.2µF and additions to 10 and 22µF for the 0805 and 1206 devices. Low profile X7S dielectric LLM parts now range to 4.7µF.

Finally, for clock speeds above 3GHz, Murata’s LLK series, 1206, standard profile device features an ESL better than 15pH and a capacitance of 4.7µF. Low profile versions include a 1206 devices specified at 15pH for a 2.2µF range and a smaller 0805, 2.2µF capacitor with an ESL of just 20pH.

Meanwhile, Murata’s product development team is currently working on the next series, with an ESL of just 1 to 4pH for circuits running at faster than 10GHz, scheduled for release shortly.

Murata’s low ESL chip capacitors are competitively priced and specifically designed for decoupling high speed circuits used in equipment such as information systems, PCs, network devices, games and automotive systems. Manufactured in Murata’s state of the art facilities in Japan, these low ESL capacitors are readily available in production volumes, taped and reeled on standard manufacturing leadtimes. Murata components have been fully RoHS compliant, on a factory shipping basis, since June 2005.

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