Capacitor Arrays Reduce Costs and Space

13th December 2005
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Murata has launched a number of new capacitor array products specifically aimed at those seeking to meet tough cost and form factor constraints, while maintaining product quality and further reducing PCB real estate.
The company’s HI-CAP range of array products is particularly cost effective for applications requiring capacitances above 1uF.

In the popular 0504 package size and already available in mass volume, Murata offers 2 element devices operating at: 1uF, 10V and 1uF, 16V. In the 0805 footprint are a 2 element 2.2uF, 10V part and a 4 element 1uF, 10V device. Just becoming available are a 2 element 2.2uF, 6.3V part in 0504 footprint and 2 element 4.7uF, 6.3V and 2.2uF, 16V devices, both in 0805 packages.

For applications requiring an extra low profile (0.7mm), Murata is announcing a 2 element 1uF, 10/16V (0504) part, and 2 element 1uF, 16V (0805) array. If space is at even more of a premium, then the super-small 0302 size (equivalent to two 0201 size single chips) has just been announced with sample piece and reel availability, in X5R dielectric, in capacitances of 0.01uF, 0.02.2uF and 0.04.7uF.

For designers preferring the C0G dielectric, arrays in 0504 and 0805 sizes are readily available. Particularly suited to mobile phone applications, Murata offers no fewer than 11 capacitance steps each, for the 2 element 0504 size and the 4 element 0805 size. Capacitance ranges from 10 to 220pF, plus 27 & 39pF versions.

Standard tolerance for Murata’s C0Gcapacitor arrays is +/-10% and +/-20% for X7R/X5R devices. Designers requiring tighter tolerances for X7R/X5R devices, can specify arrays with a +/-10% tolerance.

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