When is optical bonding a must-have?

15th March 2023
Harry Fowle

Optical bonding has established itself in industry and medicine and is a technically mature method of HMI display optimisation.

Using different bonding technologies, cover glasses with touch sensors and displays are bonded to form a single unit. Optical bonding of displays significantly improves and optimises the optical and mechanical performance characteristics of input systems for the application.

The correct selection of the most suitable bonding technology for your application is based on the application requirements. Determining factors are the specified environmental influences, the display shape and diagonal as well as the definition of the PCAP sensor technology.

A white paper on the topic can be found here: https://dam.schurter.com/m/55e686e2fefbcea4/original/White-Paper-Optical-bonding-of-displays-a-must-have-for-your-application.pdf

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