Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Five Optoelectronics Webinars on Website

2nd November 2010
ES Admin
To assist customers in understanding the applications and key performance parameters for solid state lighting, phototriacs, photodiodes, high-speed optocouplers, and ambient light sensors, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced that it has added five new optoelectronics webinars to its website's video library (http://www.vishay.com).
With the release of the VLMW7-series 1-W, high bright white, red, amber, and yellow LEDs, Vishay stakes its claim in the solid state and automotive lighting markets. The Solid State Lighting webinar provides a simple primer on the benefits of LED lighting and the forces driving adoption. It describes the unique performance characteristics of the VLMW7 series including luminous flux, intensity, low profile, and thermal conductivity.

Phototriacs for Consumer Applications provides an overview of optocouplers and phototriacs in home appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers, where the devices are used to protect people and sensitive components from high-voltage spikes and to switch on and off AC loads. Key performance factors for these applications include trigger current, static dv/dt, and blocking voltage.

Vishay's VBPW34 and VBP104 are highlighted in High-Speed SMD Pin Photodiodes. Sensitive to visible and infrared light or just infrared light, the devices feature a large photosensitive area and fast switching times for light curtains, safety barriers, wireless headphones, and smoke detector applications. They are also pin compatible to price gouging competitor components.

High-Speed Analog Optocouplers explores Vishay's VOM452T and VOM453T, which offer bandwidth of 1 MBd. This is up to fifty times faster than standard phototransistor-based optocouplers. The devices are available in the compact, industry standard SOP-5 package, which requires 75 % less board space compared to the DIP-8. The optocouplers offer a lower height than competing products, while providing the same or better switching times. The devices are found in industrial communication applications, and in feedback loops for AC/DC and DC/DC power converters.

Ambient Light Sensors discusses automatically controlling street lights, interior and exterior automotive lighting, and adjusting LCD screen brightness levels. By measuring and responding to ambient light conditions, these devices can help reduce power consumption to extend battery life in portable electronics, while optimizing visibility and increasing safety in automotive applications. Vishay offers leaded and surface-mount ambient light sensors with phototransistor and photodiode output. As demonstrated in the webinar, Vishay's devices are responsive to visible light, but unresponsive to UV and infrared light.

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