355nm 140 kHz Passively Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers

7th November 2011
ES Admin
PicoFlash is the ultimate association of Passively QSwitched (PQS) microchip laser technology and fiber amplification, resulting in close to one Watt of high quality UV laser light. This laser combines pulses as short as seven hundred picoseconds with a high pulse repetition frequency while maintaining an excellent good beam quality.
A PQS microchip laser is the seed of PicoFlash™ and sets the short pulse width while the fiber amplifier provides the gain, compactly and efficiently. This Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier (MOFA) architecture enables a constant pulse width, while allowing the user to vary the pulse energy (or peak power). The output is free-space coupled, preserving peak power and beam quality.

The third harmonic conversion stage of the PicoFlash™ series delivers UV light with a Gaussian like beam which enables tight focusing an high power densities.

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