Mounting and positioning system for cameras and vision sensors

4th February 2016
Joe Bush

The new EyeMount system from EVT is a mounting and positioning system for mounting cameras, vision sensors, mini-PCs, displays and lighting for machine vision. It helps to dispose of the usual flaws of conventional fixtures by offering a permanent fixation of the monitoring unit.

It is also possible to carry out an aligned adjustment, without an involuntary rotary movement. Easy mounting also means that the positioning can be reproduced and for mounting and adjustment, the user only needs two Allen keys.

EyeMount can be adjusted to the demands of the user. As there is a separation between the clamping device and the socket or the mounting plate, there is no need for ‘improvising’ leading to time savings for the user.

Also all mounting possibilities are on offer, because various different mounting plates are available. An advantage is the angular form of the poles instead of round poles, because the angular poles reduce the radial variance, meaning that involuntary rotary movements can be avoided.

EyeMount is available for all cameras and vision sensors - especially with the new hardware from EVT. Smart cameras, for example the EyeCheck 9xxx Series or the smart thermal imaging camera EyeCheck Thermo, are enclosed into an EyeMount housing. Also the EyeBOX, the new quad core ARM processor from EVT, is built into an EyeMount housing. On customers request there is also the Camera Case EyeMount (CCEM) for Basler and IDS cameras available - so the cameras gain the protection class IP65 or IP67.

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