Low distortion large format lenses for uniform performance

21st January 2020
Alex Lynn

Resolve Optics has developed optimised large format lenses that offer low distortion and uniform high performance across the entire focal plane. Resolve Optics large format lenses are custom lenses designed to match the performance abilities of the high-end megapixel type camera used in your vision application.

Custom large format lenses from Resolve Optics provide an optimised solution to enable the latest generation of high resolution area and line scan cameras achieve their full performance potential opening the door to exciting new application solutions.

As well as providing high resolution over a large image format, Resolve Optics has designed diffraction-limited large format lenses that deliver low distortion edge to edge, application-specific F-number and exceptional contrast.

Resolve Optics Large Format Lenses are typically very highly toleranced to eliminate tilt in the image plane, to ensure repeatable, accurate results unmatched by standard off-the-shelf lenses.

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