Homogeneous Beam Profile in Pulsed Laser Diodes

28th November 2012
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PLDs with Micro Optics or Fibre Pigtails Laser diodes are inexpensive, energy saving, and easy to operate. Therefore they present a viable alternative to conventional lasers. However, laser diodes are semiconductor lasers and so have poor beam characteristics than solid state lasers, for example.
For example. in order to capture each object when using distance measurement technology, the laser diode must include additional optical components in order to shape the laser beam.

FAC Lenses. LASER COMPONENTS Canada offers pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) with integrated micro optics, a so-called fast-axis collimation lens. Mounted directly in front of the laser diode chip, the divergence of the “fast” axis is reduced to 5 or 10mrad.

Both a PLD and an FAC lens fit together into a tiny, hermetically-sealed TO-18 housing. The housing can withstand acceleration rates of > 1000g/ms; thus, it meets the standards set by military technology.

PLDs with a fibre pigtail. An almost homogeneous beam distribution in laser diodes can be achieved by mixing the modes in an optical fibre.

These PLDs have an optical output power of up to 100W. They are, therefore, ideally suited for medical applications in which a high amount of peak power must be delivered to a point as loss-free as possible.

Custom products. LASER COMPONENTS produces more than just standard components. Our strengths include the quick and inexpensive development of custom products to meet customer exacting requirements.

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