GLT LED-based edge lighting brings higher brightness and efficiency to new ceiling lights

25th May 2011
ES Admin

Global Lighting Technologies has combined its edge-lit LED light guide technology with extensive Far East mass production capabilities to create a new and improved troffer downlight that is more efficient (60 lm/W), brighter (2500 lumens), offers four different color temperatures, and uses fewer LEDs.

The new troffer downlight assembly is 24”/60cm square and approximately 0.43”/10.9mm thick and weighs 3.5kg. It is edge-lit using only 100 LEDs, which represents a decrease of approximately 70% from previous versions. 50 LEDs are spaced along on each of two sides of the troffer assembly against the ultra-slim (3.5 mm thick) light guide, which uses advanced light extraction features to spread light across the troffer surface with perfect uniformity for bright, uniform illumination in a thinner form factor without hot spots or dark areas. Power consumption is only 40W, and the new troffer offers a high CRI (color rendering index) of ≥80.

Customers can select from four different color temperatures ranging from 3000K (warm white) to 6000-6500K (cool, bluish white).
According to GLT, illuminating this type of ceiling light with traditional fluorescent tube technology would have resulted in an assembly up to 5 inches thick. GLT’s edge-lighting approach yields a much slimmer, more lightweight, higher intensity backlight with an LED lifetime of 30,000 hours. And, with four production facilities in China and Taiwan, GLT brings the advantages of mass production to a product that heretofore has been an expensive “one-off” where the light guide has had to be manufactured for each troffer. Now they can be manufactured in the thousands with no differentiation from piece to piece.

Since LEDs contain no mercury, the edge-lit troffer is an environmentally friendly solution as well. It also reduces maintenance and power consumption and, when compared to a direct backlighting approach using LED arrays, minimizes thermal management issues as well as the number of LEDs required for efficient, uniform light dispersion.

Pricing for GLT edge-lit troffer backlights varies according to size, application, number of LEDs and quantity. Contact GLT for details.

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