Fast high precision thermal testing

30th July 2019
Alex Lynn

FLIR Systems T530 / T540 thermal imaging cameras are designed to offer R&D scientists and engineers the resolution, crisp imagery, and temperature accuracy needed to help improve product design, increase efficiency, or gain insight into a target’s thermal behaviour.

With the sensitivity to detect temperature differences of less than 0.03°C, the FLIR T530/T540 allow you to find hidden design flaws and track small thermal gradients. These cameras offer a wide temperature range for quantifying heat generation and thermal dissipation up to 1,500°C (T540). Measurements are accurate to ±2%, promoting quality assurance and factory acceptance of printed circuit boards and other products.Not every target is large enough or close enough for proper measurement with a single lens.

That’s why FLIR designed the T500-Series with interchangeable 24°, 42°, and 14° lenses as well as a macro lens so you can use the same camera for every target you survey. The camera auto-calibrates with each new lens to ensure it produces high quality images and precise thermal measurements.

Using the FLIR T530/540 you can record images with up to 464x348 true native resolution or enhance to more than 645,000 pixels using FLIR UltraMax to enable you to record the most accurate temperature measurements. Activate Macro Mode to measure small components down to 71µm (T540) or down to 50µm with the macro lens.

Incorporating a bright, four-inch display and an optical block that rotates 180° - the FLIR T530/540 allows you to image and view targets at any angle, comfortably all day long. The T500 series capacitive touchscreen is controlled via a highly intuitive menu which is easy to navigate, plus you can customise it with two programmable buttons.

FLIR Research Studio software for T500 series cameras is designed to work the way you do, with a simplified workflow for displaying, recording, viewing, and analysing data. The software sets up quickly on your preferred platform—Windows, MacOs, or Linux—in more than 20 different languages.

The streamlined, intuitive interface allows users of all levels to record and evaluate thermal data from multiple cameras and recorded sources simultaneously. With the ability to save and share workspaces within the data file, colleagues can view the recorded data exactly how you do, increasing efficiency and reducing the potential for measurement results to be misinterpreted due to poor translations.

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