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17th October 2023
FLIR release new One Edge thermal imager

When it comes to troubleshooting machinery and plant, thermal imagers are an excellent choice. They are also versatile tools on building sites: FLIR’s One Edge IR camera sports a compact design that allows taking readings in places that are hard to reach, such as attics and crawl spaces.

9th April 2021
Radiometric version of Boson thermal imaging camera

The Boson camera core is a FLIR high-performance uncooled thermal imaging technology within a small, lightweight, and low-power package, and now FLIR partners and customers will have the option to purchase radiometric versions that can capture the temperature data of every pixel in the scene.

23rd November 2020
ThermiCam AI traffic cameras for predictive management

FLIR Systems has announced two intelligent traffic system cameras, the FLIR ThermiCam AI with thermal imaging and the FLIR TrafiCam AI visible camera, both with artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise traffic flow on roadways and at intersections.

15th July 2020
FLIR thermal cameras for skin temperature screening

FLIR Systems has announced modified thermal cameras for fast and safe non-contact elevated skin temperature screening. The FLIR EST thermal screening solutions provide frontline screening at building entries and in high traffic areas to improve safety and help curb the spread of COVID-19. 

19th June 2020
New FLIR Blackfly S machine vision USB3 camera

FLIR Systems has announced the availability of the new FLIR Blackfly S visible spectrum camera module, the first to integrate the Sony Pregius S IMX540 sensor with 24.5 MP at 12 FPS in a USB3 camera.

9th June 2020
Software to improve temperature screening for COVID-19

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR Screen-EST software for FLIR T-Series, Exx-Series, and A-Series thermal imaging cameras. The software provides automatic measurement tools that perform elevated skin temperature screenings of individuals in two seconds or less at entries, checkpoints, and other high traffic areas while maintaining recommended social distancing guidelines.

5th June 2020
FLIR Systems installs EST screening solution at Pentagon

FLIR Systems has announced it has installed its EST screening system at the Pentagon Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. The company’s integrated EST screening solution, the A700 EST-IS, features the FLIR A700 thermal imaging camera. The system is being used to screen visitors for elevated or higher than expected skin temperatures, which can help guard against the spread of COVID-19.

28th May 2020
Flir introduces smart thermal camera science kits

 FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR A400 and A700 Science Kits for researchers, engineers, and systems testers. These smart thermal camera systems can produce accurate, consistent thermal data for electronics testing, product development, failure analysis, and a range of scientific research needs.

22nd May 2020
C5 compact thermal camera with cloud connectivity

FLIR Systems has announcd the FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera with new built-in FLIR Ignite cloud connectivity and WiFi features for professionals in the building maintenance, manufacturing, and utility industries.

12th May 2020
MWIR thermal camera for long range applications

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR RS8500 MWIR thermal camera designed for range tracking, science, and measurement applications.

17th April 2020
Detecting elevated body temperature using thermal imaging

FLIR Systems has reported how its thermal imaging cameras have a long history of being used in public spaces as an effective frontline screening tool to non-invasively measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).

2nd April 2020
Thermal smart sensor screening for skin temperatures

FLIR Systems today announced the FLIR A400/A700 Thermal Smart Sensor and Thermal Image Streaming fixed camera solutions for monitoring equipment, production lines, critical infrastructure, and screening for elevated skin temperatures.

30th March 2020
Inspecting natural gas compressors

FLIR Systems has published an application spotlight that describes how incorporating a borescope and Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera into routine maintenance protocols can help natural gas companies improve safety, reduce costs, and extend the life of compressors, by inspecting natural gas compressors.

10th February 2020
Compact high-definition thermal science cameras

FLIR Systems announced the FLIR A8580 series of entry-level, cooled high-definition thermal science cameras designed for a wide range of industrial, military, science, and product research and development (R&D) applications.

3rd February 2020
Low-cost optical gas imaging camera for leak detection

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR GF77a Gas Find IR camera, its first fixed-mount, uncooled, autonomous leak detection camera designed specifically to visualise methane and other industrial gases.

20th January 2020
Why infrared thermal imaging devices make sense for electricians

Heat is a byproduct of operating any sized electrical circuit. Most problems in electrical systems display themselves in terms of heat. Electricians must be able to classify a circuit as normal when the load is on or identify when it is abnormal and identify the issues that presents – finding hot spots that need attention.  By John H. Waggoner, Senior Instructor, FLIR Infrared Training Center

10th December 2019
Pipeline inspection using optical gas imaging

FLIR Systems has published a new application spotlight that highlights the role its Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are playing in detecting gas leaks from oil and gas pipelines. Oil and gas pipelines often stretch long distances, carrying a variety of materials. Sometimes the pipes fail, resulting in liquid leaks or fugitive emissions of gas releasing into the environment.

4th December 2019
Strategic investment for gas emissions complete

FLIR Systems and Providence Photonics has announced that FLIR has made a strategic investment in Providence Photonics, developers of advanced software used to quantify invisible gas emissions using FLIR Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras. Providence Photonics specialises in the development and utilisation of advanced technology in the field of optical gas imaging while tackling some of the industry’s most challenging environmental and safety...

Events News
15th November 2019
Advances in thermal imaging detector technology webinar

FLIR Systems has announced a new free webinar for scientists and engineers interested in the use of thermal imaging cameras for research and development applications. Thermal imaging cameras operating in the traditional mid-wavelength IR (MWIR) spectral region have traditionally dominated the R&D application field.

7th November 2019
High definition MWIR cameras capture rapid thermal events

Compact in design, FLIR Systems A8200sc and A8300sc MWIR cameras offer the speed and sensitivity researchers need to capture rapid thermal events and record the most accurate temperature measurements. Incorporating cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) detectors, the cameras produce crisp 1280x1280px (A8200sc) or 1280x720px (A8300sc) thermal images with very low noise.

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