Autofocussing electronic autocollimator from PLX

19th May 2020
Alex Lynn

LASER COMPONENTS’ partner PLX has released the ACT-25FO autofocussing electronic autocollimator. The ACT-25FO combines the functionality of an autocollimator and an alignment telescope in one unit, using a motorised focussing knob controlled by the supplied software. 

The focussing function allows the unit to focus on objects along the optical axis of the autocollimator with LOS deviations smaller than 2.5 seconds. The software can be used to focus at infinity so that the system functions as a conventional autocollimator. 

The ACT-25FO autocollimator can be used for a wealth of optical testing applications, including testing the distance to reflective surfaces such as silicon wafers, radius measurement of spherical concave and convex optical surfaces and measurement of the back focal length of optical systems.  The system may also be used to aid focussing of LEDs and Laser diodes.

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