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Live audio and visual platform streams directly to smartphones

24th November 2017
Lanna Cooper


A platform that allows brands to combine live audio and visual streaming through its own in-house entertainment platform direct to customer's mobile phones, named DreamStream X, has been announced by Immedia Group.

How it works
DreamStream X works by streaming live broadcasts from Immedia’s own studios onto an app integrated within a brand's platform and delivered to people’s mobile phones.

The app is able share music, video, exclusive offers and the latest events as well as allow customers to post comments around upcoming trends.

The platform extends brand communications to ‘out of store’ audiences, making brands de facto media owners.

The flagship product brings new DreamStream technology as an alternative to national radio stations, encouraging a two-way experience.

Immedia will become the largest live radio station to a physical audience with millions of users every week. DreamStream technology is deployed on platforms for global brands including HSBC, BP, Subway, JD Sports, BMW and IKEA.

Bruno Brookes, CEO of Immedia and renowned BBC Radio personality, commented on the news: “DreamStream X provides a global platform which enables brands to launch and develop custom music and entertainment channels, amplifying cultural values and other interactive communications. The new platform provides brands the opportunity to take owned media channels and to convert them into entertainment and engagement channels that can deliver increased commercial return.

"Our expansion into video and animation has broadened Immedia’s offer to excite the end-user experience across our four pillars in consumer, sport, education and workforce.”

The new platform features intelligent analytics capabilities that provide actionable insight to help businesses identify better ways to improve content and capture audience attention.

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