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High-speed, analogue-to-digital conversion in harsh environments

1st April 2019
Alex Lynn

Twelve new Successive Approximation Register (SAR) Analogue-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), together with a companion differential amplifier designed specifically for the new portfolio of SAR ADCs have been announced by Microchip. Designed to operate in high temperatures and high electromagnetic environments, the MCP331x1(D)-xx family includes one million samples per second (Msps).

The MCP331x1(D)-xx family is also fully AEC-Q100-qualified 16-bit SAR, providing the reliability required for automotive and industrial applications. The MCP6D11 differential amplifier provides a low-distortion, high-accuracy interface to achieve the full performance of the ADC within systems.

The MCP331x1(D)-xx family ranges in resolution from 12-, 14- and 16-bit, with speed options ranging from 500 kilosamples per second (ksps) to 1Msps, allowing developers to choose the right ADC for their designs. A fixed low analogue supply voltage (AVDD) of 1.8V and low-current operation of 1.6mA typical active current for 1Msps, and 1.4mA for 500ksps, enable the family of ADCs to have an ultra-low power consumption, while maintaining a wide input full-scale range.

These devices support a wide digital I/O interface voltage (DVIO) range (1.7 to 5.5V) which allows it to interface with most host devices, including Microchip’s PIC32, AVR and Arm-based microcontrollers and microprocessors. This eliminates the need for external voltage level shifters. The MCP331x1(D)-xx family contains both single-ended and differential input voltage measurement options, enabling systems to convert the difference between any two arbitrary waveforms.

Well suited for applications such as high-precision data acquisition, electric vehicle battery management, motor control and switch-mode power supplies, the AEC-Q100-qualified family provides reliable performance across harsh environments.

Properly interfacing a small analogue signal to a high-speed, high-resolution ADC without introducing additional noise and distortion is a critical challenge. Microchip’s MCP6D11 differential amplifier is designed specifically to address this challenge, providing a low-distortion and high-accuracy interface to properly drive the ADC.

The MCP331x1D-XX Evaluation Kit is available to demonstrate the performance of the MCP331x1D-XX SAR ADC family of devices.

Each ADC is available in either the 10-MSOP with leads in a three by three millimetre package or ten-TDFN no-leads three by three millimetre package. The 9mm2 size is the smallest footprint available in the market for a 16-bit, 1Msps differential ADC. The MCP6D11 is available in the 8-MSOP or three by three millimetre 16-QFN package. The MCP331x1(D)-xx Evaluation Kit is available for $175.

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