Microcontrollers crypto core tightens security

18th January 2022
Mick Elliott

STMicroelectronics has expanded its popular STM32G4 Access Line with the addition of the STM32G491 and STM32G4A1 microcontrollers.

They are available at distributor Anglia Components.

These latest members of the STM32G4 Access Line offer increased memory capacity with 112 KB of RAM and up to 512 KB of Flash, compared to the 32 KB of RAM and 128 KB of Flash of the STM32G431.

The STM32G4A1 also has a crypto core for applications that require increased security

The STM32G4 Access Line is a range of mixed-signal microcontrollers with high-resolution timers and a maths accelerator.

A high-resolution timer and FMAC (Filter Math ACcelerator) are useful for digital power applications whilst integrated Motor Control timers and CORDIC maths accelerator optimises motor control systems.

The STM32G4 remains a general-purpose MCU in the strict sense of the term, meaning that it will support any embedded system meant to run on a Cortex-M4 and supported by generic STM32 ecosystem.

However, it also targets precise applications by providing analogue and digital peripherals or features usually absent from similar general-purpose MCUs.

The STM32G4 Access Line provides a cost-effective microcontroller for a wide range of applications including demanding motor control systems but without compromising performances thanks to its Cortex-M4 running at 170 MHz.

Developers can now use the STM32G4 in more cost-effective motor control systems, until now, the only solution was to use an STM32G0 with external analogue components.

The latter is excellent for cost-oriented customers, but there was still a need for more performance and analogue integration, the STM32G4 Access Line delivers this.

The latest STM32G491/4A1 increased memory additions to the Access Line are pin-to-pin compatible with other STM32G4 models giving developers a fast and simple upgrade path.

These STMicroelectronics microcontrollers are now being sampled by Anglia Components.

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