16 Gigabit DDR3 memory from I’M Intelligent Memory

22nd May 2020
Alex Lynn

I'M Intelligent Memory has doubled its maximum offerings of DDR3 memory-capacity again to 16 Gigabits per component. While most DRAM manufacturers produced DDR3 memory with a maximum of 4Gb per chip, Intelligent Memory followed its motto ‘beyond limits’ having offered DDR3 devices with 8Gb capacity for more than six years.

"It was time to go to the next level and double the memory-capacity again," said Joseph Chan, General Manager of I'M, presenting the new components with 16Gb.

The new 16Gb devices support DDR3L low-voltage (1.35V) operation and are fully backward-compatible to standard DDR3 1.5V operation. Ordering options include different speed grades from 1333MT/s to 1866MT/s as well as commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

The 16Gb parts are compatible to JEDEC specification JESD79-3F for DDR3/DDR3L, internally operating in two ranks of 8Gb, requiring a board-layout with support for two sets of control-lines (CS, CKE, ODT, ZQ) for each DRAM.

With dimensions of only 9x13mm for the FBGA96 package, the device is small enough to fit on a majority of existing layouts.

Customer Samples are ready to ship in a x16 configuration with FBGA 96 ball package right away. A 78 ball FBGA version in x8 configuration is not yet being produced, but could follow if customers show a demand for them.

I'M Intelligent Memory supplies the complete range of memory-capacites for DDR3 from 1Gb over 8Gb up to the technical maximum of 16Gb per component.

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