Würth Elektronik introduces easy sensor integration with Zephyr OS

24th November 2023
Kristian McCann

Würth Elektronik, a leader in electronic components, has announced a significant enhancement to its MEMS sensor portfolio designed for IoT applications. 

The company's sensors are now fully compatible with Zephyr OS, the microcontroller operating system from the Linux Foundation, complete with ready-to-use drivers. To aid developers, Würth Elektronik has released a comprehensive application note, ANR034, detailing the integration process of a sensor into terminal device software in just a few simple steps.

Würth Elektronik's range of compact sensors, including humidity and temperature sensors, a 6-axis gyroscope with accelerometer, and both absolute and differential pressure sensors, is known for its versatility. These sensors offer selectable measuring ranges and data rates, providing pre-calibrated and aligned data for effortless integration into various applications. The integration of these sensors into terminal devices has been made nearly effortless, thanks to the inclusion of dedicated drivers in the Zephyr source code and the publication of practical, easy-to-follow guidance.

One of the key advantages of the Zephyr operating system is its hardware-agnostic nature, allowing firmware developed with it to run across different hardware platforms without any need for modification. This flexibility is particularly beneficial given the current challenges in semiconductor availability, offering a strategic edge to developers. Zephyr OS, supported by an open-source community and leading companies like NXP, Nordic Semiconductor, ST Micro Electronics, and Intel, goes beyond basic operating system functions. It includes a suite of features for managing external electronic components such as sensors, displays, and radio modules.

In addition to sensor drivers, Zephyr OS also encompasses the information required for developing firmware for Würth Elektronik’s wireless modules. Recognising the importance of communication solutions in IoT projects, Würth Elektronik provides not only the hardware but also a firmware development service and assistance with the certification of customer-specific wireless technologies.

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