Making Matter provisioning for IoT devices secure and easy

6th November 2023
Paige West

In a joint announcement, CommScope and STMicroelectronics have unveiled their collaborative effort to enhance the security and simplicity of Matter provisioning for IoT devices.

This integration involves the incorporation of CommScope's PKIWorks IoT security platform with ST's widely recognised STM32WB microcontroller unit (MCU). The result is a comprehensive solution that empowers device manufacturers to create IoT devices compliant with the Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter standard for security.

This solution streamlines the development and provisioning of secure Matter-device-credentials during manufacturing, while concurrently reducing costs and time for IoT device manufacturers. With this integration, devices can be commissioned at the MCU level without requiring developer intervention. Drawing upon 35 years of expertise, the CommScope Sentry team brings a wealth of experience in securely integrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates into high-volume manufacturing production, complemented by ST's leadership in microcontrollers and development ecosystem.

Nathalie Vallespin, STM32 Connectivity Product Line Manager at STMicroelectronics, emphasised their commitment to facilitating Matter development for all device makers, citing ST's top-ranking position in general-purpose microcontrollers and their proficiency in secure elements. This positions them well to leverage their understanding of device-makers' challenges and Matter knowledge, fostering unique collaborations like the one with CommScope. The goal is to expedite the adoption of Matter development through a straightforward and secure process for credential provisioning.

Bart Giordano, President of Networking, Intelligent Cellular, and Security Solutions at CommScope, highlighted the significance of integrating the CommScope Sentry PKIWorks platform with ST's popular MCU platform. This integration provides customers with a ready-made solution to address the challenges associated with Matter adoption, including complexity, scale, and cost. The long-standing collaborative relationship between CommScope and ST positions them well to meet the increasing demand for new Matter IoT devices, drawing upon the combined expertise of two industry leaders with extensive experience in digital security, semiconductor solutions, and device manufacturing.

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