IoT-ready-to-use device enables AI at the edge

8th January 2019
Mick Elliott

SmartEdge Agile, a low power, IoT ready-to-use device developed through a partnership between Avnet, Octonion and ST Microelectronics is in stock at Farnell element14. The first in a new category called “Meta-Sensing”, SmartEdge Agile includes nine sensors, and provides design engineers with the ability to implement artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge through an easy-to-use, zero-code interface.

Success in today’s IoT market requires a unique combination of hardware, software and security solutions — all working together. Adding AI to IoT solutions by traditional means often creates even more challenges, including increased costs and greater complexity, and longer time to market. Tools that can alleviate these challenges become invaluable.

By utilising SmartEdge Agile with Octonion’s new Brainium portal and AI Studio powered by Microsoft Azure, users will have access to a “zero-coding” revolutionary machine learning tool that enables developers and manufacturers to easily bring intelligence to their devices.

Brainium Portal can be used to easily initiate a proof of concept (POC) by leveraging more than 20 predefined AI algorithms that can be re-used through to product launch.

A Brainium software agent is embedded into SmartEdge Agile allowing seamless interface with AI Studio and facilitating the end-to end IoT solution which enables customers to focus on their use cases.

Ralf Buehler, SVP Product, Marketing and eCommerce for Premier Farnell and Farnell element14 added: “As the Development Distributor, Farnell element14 is focused on helping customers at the early stage of design, bring greater capabilities to their designs through intelligent technology. SmartEdge Agile is a revolutionary product in its field, bringing artificial intelligence to the edge for IoT solutions. With easy to use, drag and drop programming, this intelligence is now available to deploy, even to users with no coding experience.”

"With SmartEdge Agile and Brainium Portal, we are building core software on top of hardware to create even more value for our customers," explained Lou Lutostanski, VP, Internet of Things, Avnet. “AI and security at the edge are continually requested by our customers when building their IoT projects. This dynamic solution and portal duo not only meets those needs, it also brings us closer to our customers, and is shaping the future of how IoT projects will be developed and executed.”

“Up until now, engineers have been creative in building IoT solutions with technologies such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, but with AI Studio, they will now be able to add AI capabilities to their products,” said Cédric Mangaud, CEO, Octonion. “We have been working on our AI technology for four years, and I’m confident that this machine learning tool in conjunction with SmartEdge Agile, will help users to build AI models in a quick and easy way, making the process more efficient and value-driven than ever before.”

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