IoT devices measurement insights seminar

29th January 2020
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Keysight’s Internet of Things (IoT) Seminar is designed to help you accelerate your smart innovation through precise and consistent measurement science, in the aim that you succeed in realising your vision of IoT. Take the opportunity to interact and speak with Keysight experts in solving your IoT design, test and measurement challenges from device to network.

Optimise IoT device battery life

IoT devices are often battery or self-powered and have limited energy storage. To maximise battery life, it is important to measure, analyse, and optimise battery drain at all phases of your device’s development, which includes both hardware and software.

Techniques such as current drain profiling and analysis can help you achieve optimal balance between performance and power consumption. You will learn how you can measure wide dynamic current range seamlessly from sleep to active, identify critical RF/DC events that contribute most to power consumption, detect design weakness, estimate battery life, and a better way to power your devices during test and development.

Simplify IoT wireless design and test 

To serve the diverse nature and needs of IoT applications, numerous wireless technologies and standards have emerged. Varied networks can support applications ranging from simple battery-powered sensors to the low latency, high bandwidth, mission-critical services.

As devices need to support multiple standards, testing these devices becomes increasingly complex. Learn about the various IoT wireless technologies (including LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, ZigBee and Bluetooth), test requirements and solutions that meet your needs from R&D to manufacturing. 

Overcome interference and ensure coexistence

Wireless communications can be very challenging in locations with numerous IoT devices trying to share the airwaves. New products entering medical and other mission-critical spaces encounter operating conditions not covered by traditional test methods, and the devices may fail to achieve their design goals for timely communications.

How to ensure your device will function reliably in the presence of other wireless propagating signals? Learn the importance of wireless coexistence, the different test configurations and examples how it can help improve wireless product quality. 

IoT devices measurement insights - agenda

Welcome & Overview
Optimise IoT Device Battery Life
Networking and refreshment break
Simplify IoT Wireless Design and Test              
Lunch break
Overcome Interference and Ensure Coexistence
Networking and refreshment break
Hands-on and Demonstrations

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 2020-02-11 Barcelona, Spain Spanish  Register Here
 2020-02-12 Madrid (Vallecas), Spain  Spanish  Register Here
 2020-02-18 Sevilla, Spain  Spanish  Register Here
 2020-02-19 Granada, Spain  Spanish  Register Here
 2020-02-20 Malaga, Spain  Spanish  Register Here
 2020-03-11 Madrid, Spain  Spanish  Register Here

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