Experience Industry 4.0 and IIoT live at HANNOVER MESSE

8th March 2018
Lanna Cooper

MVTec Software will showcase its extensive portfolio at HANNOVER MESSE from 23rd-27th April 2018, with a focus on the two flagship products HALCON and MERLIC. In the Application Park Robotics, Automation & Vision in hall 17, booth E42/6, visitors will find live demos that offer practical insights into the benefits of machine vision in Industry 4.0 (aka the Industrial IoT or IIoT for short) and Smart Factory environments. This year, the focus is on deep learning functions based on artificial intelligence.

HALCON 17.12: Deep learning for intelligent object recognition and inspection
A live demo will illustrate, among other things, how advanced deep learning technologies in MVTec HALCON 17.12 optimise the identification of objects using optical character recognition (OCR). In addition, the demo shows how objects (various fruit in this case) can be classified precisely.

The demo also demonstrates the targeted and robust detection of defects in pills. Visitors to the booth will obtain practical insights into the future-oriented application fields that deep learning offers for machine vision. The various applications can be selected directly using a touch screen.

Industry managers interested in machine vision solutions will discover how easily and quickly standardised deep learning functions can be put to use at their company and how Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) can be self-trained at a reasonable cost. Companies do not require highly-specialised staff with extensive machine vision knowledge for this purpose, and also save time and costs for programming.

MERLIC: Recognises a wide variety of fonts
This year's trade fair appearance by MVTec will also focus on MVTec MERLIC, the software for the easy development of professional machine vision applications. Another live demo shows how the software runs on an ADLINK smart camera. In this case, deep-learning-based OCR functions are used to exactly recognise a wide variety of fonts on packaging, such as expiry dates or batch numbers, just in fractions of a second.

In addition, visitors to the booth can also see how MERLIC works seamlessly with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and how the remote front end can be visualised on a mobile platform. 

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