ASRock launches FDO onboarding for industrial Edge AI

29th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

ASRock Industrial, a global pioneer in industrial computing, made a significant impact at the FIDO Alliance Taipei Workshop with the unveiling of its FDO onboarding solution for industrial Edge AI.

ASRock Industrial is the first industrial computer manufacturer to take the lead in developing FDO-enabled devices for edge computing, allowing devices to automatically and securely onboard, and flexibly deploy operating systems and AI applications in industrial Edge AI fields. This initiative is transforming industrial automation and AI application implementation, optimising operational efficiency, and reducing deployment costs. This breakthrough solution is setting new standards in the deployment of industrial Edge AI, emphasising ASRock Industrial’s commitment to innovation in edge computing.

ASRock Industrial provides end-to-end FDO onboarding service suite – comprising the manufacturing server, owner server, rendezvous server, and target deployment device offering a harmonised solution that simplifies the complex process of operation system and applications deployment for industrial devices. This service is engineered to meet customer requirements, ensuring devices are operationally ready right after startup with minimum intervention and maximum security.

The practical demonstration of the ‘FDO Automated Onboarding for Smart 360o Object Detection Application’ presented an on-site smart factory use case, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of ASRock Industrial’s FDO-enabled devices. The implementation of security credentials written to the device’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and safeguarded by the FDO security solution across various stages (TO0, TO1, TO2) exemplifies the company’s dedication to customer data protection. The advanced FDO-enabled device, iEP-7020E, when deployed in factory settings, leverages FDO technology to seamlessly locate its owner, and automatically onboard to execute operation system and AI applications deployment. With its integrated 360o camera, the iEP-7020E enables intelligent patrolling and object detection, dramatically improving workplace safety, reducing machine downtime, and cutting down the costs associated with manual patrolling. Its advanced technology boosts operational responsiveness and precision, while improving remote management and streamlining support.

Building on ASRock Industrial’s industrial-grade motherboards and systems, launching robust Edge AIoT Platforms and industrial IoT controllers, and driving product standardisation through global industry collaborations.

“ASRock Industrial is pioneering a transformative era in industrial computing with our FDO Automated Onboarding Solutions, uniting robust performance with intelligent technology to empower Industrial Edge AI sectors with unparalleled efficiency and connectivity, “said Kenny Chang, Vice President of ASRock Industrial. These latest FDO Automated Onboarding Solution marks a stride towards a more intelligent, secure, and integrated ecosystem, offering customers worldwide the benefit of innovative and flexible industrial solutions.

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