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14th October 2019
Alex Lynn

ADLINK Technology has announced the general release of its ADLINK Edge IoT solution which enables industry to gain maximum business value from rapidly deploying IoT technology. Following R&D investment, an extension of its partner ecosystem and successful global customer IoT deployments in 2019, ADLINK Edge has proved to be fast, easy and cost effective to deploy.

“ADLINK Edge can quickly and securely connect, stream and control operational data - whatever industrial equipment, systems, databases or cloud platforms are already used,” said Lawrence Ross, General Manager of Software & Solutions at ADLINK. “Using that data our end-to-end industrial IoT solution enables rapid, real-time intelligent decision-making empowered by AI, analytics tools and machine learning. This means our partners and customers can quickly find and use the data they need to achieve real business value and ROI whether their objectives are optimising efficiency, predictive maintenance or identifying new business models.”

The solution’s capability has been developed and deployed in a variety of highly diverse use cases delivering valuable ROI including: 

  • Automating warehouse logistics with smart scanning of pallets.
  • Enabling predictive maintenance and a new business model for a gas turbine manufacturer.
  • Optimising efficiency for a race car engine performance with machine condition monitoring, machine vision and machine learning.
  • Enabling automation and reducing time to market for a new product with barcode smart scanning for a meat supplier.
  • Reducing downtime and optimising efficiency in a defence industry materials testing facility.
  • Enabling smart remote monitoring of mobile generators providing continuous power during recovery from a natural disaster.

With no programming necessary, ADLINK can quickly connect previously unconnected operational equipment, sensors and devices. Then, by tapping into native communication protocols, data can be captured and streamed at the edge. From the edge, this data can then be streamed securely between devices - databases and to the cloud, enabling analysis and easy visualisation to inform decisions and optimise operations in real time.

ADLINK Edge is deployed via the company’s innovative Digital Experiments methodology which can include hardware, software and support elements for easy integration with any existing IT and OT system. This provides a secure and cost effective approach to validate business value from IoT and define a roadmap before investing time and resources in a full-scale implementation.

Users are also able to benefit from IoT expertise within ADLINK’s extensive partner ecosystem which includes AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Thingworx, IBM Watson, FogHorn, Intel and SAS.

ADLINK Edge is built upon the ADLINK Data River which simplifies complex data network programming and enables data to flow freely but securely northbound or southbound, to any cloud analytic platform database and even east to west between devices, databases and the cloud. 

The ADLINK Data River is heavily utilised and trusted within the military and aerospace industries to deliver mission critical data securely in real time.

ADLINK Edge also includes the ADLINK Marketplace containing apps which are connectors enabling 3rd party services to translate between devices and applications, or devices and peer devices. Using these apps, IoT Architects are free to implement best-in-class technologies appropriate to solve the particular business problem they face.

The ADLINK Profile Builder is also contained in ADLINK Edge and is a tool that very simply helps users configure and deploy all the apps to communicate with end-points, devices or applications into the platform deployed across a customer’s ecosystem.

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