RF and Microwave measurement insights seminar

29th January 2020
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This presentation from Keysight is intended to be a tutorial on spectrum and signal analysis. It is written for those who are unfamiliar with spectrum analysers and vector signal analysers, and would like a basic understanding of how they work, what you need to know to use them to their fullest potential, and how to make them more effective for applications.

Spectrum analysis fundamentals

Keysight will begin with an overview of spectrum analysis and a brief introduction to the types of tests that are made with this instrument. From there, you will learn about spectrum and signal analysers in terms of the hardware inside, what the importance of each component is, and how it all works together.

Keysight will also explain the key spectrum and signal analyser specifications that will help you determine what are the characteristic of the instrument we need to make accurate measurements.

Vector signal analysis fundamentals

This presentation serves as a primer on Vector Signal Analysis (VSA). Keysight will discuss the VSA block diagram comparing it with a traditional swept-tuned spectrum analyser. Then, will discuss vector-modulation analysis and, specifically, digital-modulation analysis.

An overview and a demo of the 89600 VSA software will be provided showing some measurement examples on complex modulated signal such as LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac.

Signal generation and digital modulation fundamentals

In this presentation you will learn signal generation concepts from basic Continuous Wave (CW) to more advanced digital modulation.Keysight will review measurement challenges related to analogue modulated signals in the RF signal chain, including phase-noise and signal synthesis using VCOs and phase-locked-loops. Keysight will dive on the key specifications of a signal generator and discuss how harmonics, spurs and phase noise matter when generating signals.

Network analysis fundamentals 

A Vector Network Analyser (VNA) is a precision measuring tool that tests the electrical performance of high frequency components, in the Radio Frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter-wave frequency A VNA is a stimulus-response test system, composed of an RF source and multiple measurement receivers.

It is specifically designed to measure the forward and reverse reflection and transmission responses, or S-parameters, of RF components. This presentation provides a review on RF basics, understanding of S-parameter measurements and the examination of the architectures and calibrations of VNAs.

Calibration accuracy fundamentals

This presentation will look at why we make measurements, how we maintain your instruments integrity and how this can impact your choice of test equipment. Keysight will look at how understanding measurement uncertainty can minimise your measurement risk and increase yield and reducing rework. We will see how inadequate calibration poses a risk to the integrity of your measurements and can cause you time, money and credibility.

RF and Microwave measurement insights - agenda

RF and Microwave Measurement Insights - Full Day Agenda
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Welcome & Overview
Spectrum Analysis Fundamentals
Networking and Refreshment Break
Vector Signal Analysis Fundamentals
Lunch Break
Signal Generation and Digital Modulation Fundamentals
Networking and Refreshment Break
Network Analysis Fundamentals
Calibration Accuracy Fundamentals

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2020-03-10 Caceres, Spain Spanish Register here
2020-03-12 Almeria, Spain Spanish Register here

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