μPower MEMS oscillators set power, size & weight benchmarks

29th June 2015
Barney Scott

Endrich has announced a family of μPower MEMS oscillators as part of its its SiTime portfolio for Wearable-, IoT and mobile markets. The SiT8021 is the first product family to put an end to the restrictions of quartz technology, setting benchmarks in terms of power, size and weight.

The module uses significantly less power, is smaller and weighs less than conventional crystal oscillators, enabling compact, lightweight construction of smartwatches, fitness bracelets, tablets, smartphones, portable audio devices and accessories, whilst maximising battery life.

With a power consumption of 60μA (frequency = 3.072MHz, no load), SiT8021 uses 90% less than traditional quartz-based products. The housing measures 1.5x0.8mm, offering a 40% footprint reduction. The height of 0.55mm is lower by 45%. Weight savings of 70% are achieved, as the device weighs only 1.28mg.

The output frequency is between 1 and 26MHz, with an accuracy of six decimal places. The SiT8021's operating voltage of 1.8V is suitable for battery powered applications, and other voltage ranges available on request. The special option for programming the output drive strength allows depending on the individual priorities optimum EMI characteristics or the driving multiple loads.

With a MTBF of 1,140m hours (under 1 FIT) the module provides a 30-fold gain in reliability. Shock and vibration resistances have also been improved by a factor of 30.

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