Sub-miniature tact switch for home automation

17th April 2019
Alex Lynn

Manufacturer of electromechanical switches, C&K, has announced the launch of a new sub-miniature PTS815 tact switch aimed at design engineers developing home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) electronic devices. With printed circuit board (PCB) space at a premium within consumer electronics devices, the ultra-compact C&K switch addresses the growing demand for high quality and competitively priced switch solutions for large volume manufacturing.

With a 4.2x3.2mm footprint and a thickness of just 2.5mm, the PTS815 switch offers electronics designers the freedom to add other components on the PCB which would otherwise be space reserved for a bigger switch. With a large actuation surface for easier integration, the switch is suited to applications such as home automation, IoT devices and e-cigarettes, as well as control systems for items such as drones, e-bikes and robot vacuum cleaners.

The PTS815 is manufactured in surface-mount technology (SMT) format and uses a hard actuator, ensuring that it can be fully integrated into standard processes, with no need for an additional interface button, reducing time and costs for the end equipment manufacturer.

By offering only the most common versions used by the market, C&K has designed this market-standard switch to meet the needs of many commercial applications, which do not require ultra-performance levels and instead delivers economical pricing whilst retaining rigid quality control. The PTS815 provides optimum performance and retains high reliability at over 100,000 cycles.

“While these products are small form factor in terms of PCB real estate, the PTS815 offers easier integration due to its variable range of force before the actuator is tripped, audible click from the hard actuator and large actuation surface. With price a key driver for our customers, C&K provides an affordable solution while retaining the quality assurances they demand,” said Jérôme Smolinski, Global Product Manager, Tact Switches at C&K.

Available in three different operating-force levels (180gf, 250gf and 400gf), the PTS815 switch is rated at 50mA, has a bounce time of less than 10ms and an operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C.

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