White light module delivers 500mW

7th December 2022
Mick Elliott

The LS-WL1 white light module from Laser Components has an output power of more than 500 mW at the fibre end (core diameter: 1 mm; NA=0.5).

The light is generated by a laser-pumped white light source. The dot-shaped illuminated area generated there has a diameter of just 350 µm and achieves a luminance of 1000 Mcd/m².

It thus outperforms not only white LED light sources but also fibre-coupled laser plasma light sources.

The small beam diameter allows coupling with low loss into multimode fibres with core diameters between 50 µm and 1 mm.

The LS-WL1 is equipped with an integrated cooling system that guarantees high power stability even with long running times.

The factory setting of the control electronics provides for four functional modes: CW, strobe, pulse triggering, and modulation. Control devices such as computers and tablets can be connected via a mini-USB interface, allowing the LS-WL1 to be controlled via the LABVIEW interface, for example.

The module is primarily designed as a light source for endoscopes, microscopes, and other systems in which particularly bright light is required in a confined space.

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