U-SEE2 - 18.5” (47 cm) Dual-Sided Interactive Screen

29th January 2013
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Display Solution AGs partner U-See2, will unveil the DS1962, the world’s first dual-sided interactive screen offering businesses to improve its service, by displaying over the client screen selected personal information as well as targeted promotion.
Countless organizations provide computer-based services to their customers and clients. Every day, these businesses let their clients face the back side of computer screens, cutting them off from the very services intended for their benefit. The result is customer alienation, and a potential loss of revenue.

U-See2 is a patented dual-sided screen that offers highly flexible viewing. Its swivel arm allows the system to operate either back-to-back, or in a side-by-side configuration. The client-side touch screen makes the customer a full participant in the service process. The U-See2™ has a number of intended uses and clear advantages over the single screen monitor:

• Enhance customer quality-of-experience, customer become part of the process
• Provide the customer with real-time information
• Intelligent use of limited time, attention span, technology and desktop space
• Maximize purchasing decisions with dynamic, personalized ads
• Go green – reduce the need for hardcopy print-outs

Panel-based touch buttons allow U-See2 to be operated in two modes:
- Clone Mode: Both agent and client view identical content on their screens.
- Extended Mode: A different view appears on each screen as configured in MS-Windows.

Using the U-See2`s “drag-and-drop” application, the agent can use the mouse to select any part of his or her screen for display on the client screen, controlling exactly what information is presented to the customer.

Further details and a live demo of U-See2 will be offered at stand 9-A136 at ISE in Amsterdam from January 29th to 31st 2013.

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