Small Diameter Sealed LEDs For Tough Equipment Applications

18th September 2007
ES Admin
The CS Series LEDs from Cynergistic Technologies Ltd provide a small diameter indicator for tough applications and water-tight usage. Specially designed with a neoprene gasket/washer to seal against water ingress, the CS LEDs feature a drop-in fit for a standard small size 6mm diameter hole. For greater stability than a snap-in design, the CS LEDs offer secure and easy fastening with hex nuts and spacers for panel mount applications. Made with a tough reflective, nickel-plated brass housing, the LEDs are ideal for control panels, instrumentation and front panel fault indicators that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
The durable, panel mount LEDs are available in high efficiency, daylight readable, and low current models. They come standard with built-in resistors for use in up to 12 volts DC and custom options for higher voltages. All CS Series LEDS are available with bare pins or wire leads and offer custom lead lengths to match a specific electrical circuitry thus providing the user with faster installation. A variety of color states can be selected from single color, bi-color, tricolor and blinking.

Suitable for new and retrofit applications, the CS Series are especially beneficial where increased reliability is desired such as upgrading from incandescent to LED durability.

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