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29th May 2019
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that AOC has extended its B2B portfolio. Alongside the range of monitors designed for all challenges of the modern workplace, AOC has now presented practical VESA brackets and monitor arms. With this addition, AOC offers a range of solutions for every business to create productive, clean and ergonomically safe workstations at a high technical standard.

AOC offers a wide range of monitors specifically designed for professional users working in small to medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and the public sector. Compliant with important regulations such as EPEAT Gold/Silver, TCO, Energy Star and GS, AOC monitors are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Whether meeting basic display requirements (essential E1 Series), more advanced with an ergonomically adjustable stand (professional P1 Series or sleek and modern 90 Series), AOC monitors support a broad variety of display connections, such as VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort, with some models additionally featuring DVI sockets.

They are available in sizes from 21.5 to 27”. Additionally, Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light technologies to filter potentially harmful blue wavelengths help increase safety and minimise eye fatigue.

The E1 Series is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses and the public sector. These monitors come in 21.5, 24 and 27” sizes, with TN and MVA panel options for the 21.5” and colour-accurate IPS panels for the 24 and 27” displays, all delivering Full HD (1920x1080px) resolution. The 24” 24E1Q also comes with a sleek three-side frameless design, suited for multi-monitor setups aimed at increased productivity.

For businesses requiring more flexibility and adjustability, the professional P1 Series is a good fit. All monitors in the P1 Series are equipped with height-adjustable stands (130 or 150mm), built-in cable management, and four-port USB 3.0 hubs and the Quick-Release function for easy set-up.

Similar to the E1 Series, the P1 Series offers Full HD resolution with TN and MVA panels for the 21.5” size, and three-sides frameless IPS panels for two models each in 24” and 27” sizes. The 24” X24P1 with its unusual yet extremely productive 16:10 aspect ratio (1920x1200) and the 27” Q27P1 with its QHD resolution (2560x1440) especially stand out from their siblings.

The monitors of the 90 Series in gunmetal finish are the right choice for high quality demands. This series offers highly colour-accurate IPS panels in a 24” Full HD model and two 27” models with Full HD and QHD resolution. These stunning displays feature ergonomic, height-adjustable stands and three-sides frameless panels, making them a perfect option for multi-monitor setups.

Multi-monitor setups have been proven to increase productivity. For anyone working on a laptop on the go, a portable display like the mobile, USB-C powered monitor I1601FWUX, is a solution to add more virtual desktop space for more efficient work. The 15,6” IPS display in FHD solution is elegantly designed and fits in every bag with its 8.5mm thickness and only 800g weight, making it even easier to travel with for work and business meetings. 

In order to support businesses in creating productive and clean workspaces, AOC recently added VESA brackets and monitor arms to their portfolio.

With the new VESA brackets, users are able to mount mini-PCs and similar thin clients right onto the monitor, thus reducing desk clutter and hiding cables. The brackets are available for monitors from AOC’s professional lines P1 and 90 Series and also for the old 75 and 60 professional series.

For users aiming for maximum flexibility and perfectly ergonomic workspaces, AOC developed single and dual monitor arms. Both types enable exact adjustments of the monitors’ position and thus also open up new collaboration opportunities. The monitor arms come with detachable covers so cables can be routed inside to minimise clutter, too.

The desk-mounted single monitor arm AS110 supports monitors up to 27”. Using three separate joints, this device is extremely flexible. The height of the display can be adjusted in a range of 320 mm, so users can even use the display when standing. The arm supports a wide tilt range (-45°/+60°), swivel range of -90°/+90, and 360° range on its pivot point, enabling portrait and landscape mode and everything in between.

The double-arm AD110 is a perfect solution for multi monitor set-ups, designed to hold two monitors from 12 to 27” and two to nine kilogrammes. The AD110 can be adjusted in height by a 230mm range, and can be stretched forwards/backwards at a wide range of 100 to 520mm. It also has -65°/+90° tilt range, 180° swivel range, and 360° pivot range from each monitor’s pivot point.

Flexible monitor arms such as the AS110 or AD110 can serve a variety of purposes. A magazine or newspaper editor, for example, might want to rotate their monitor into portrait mode to see exactly how their text fits into the layout. Coders will appreciate the easy switch between these two modes, too.

For increased ergonomics and better posture, users are gravitating towards sit-stand desks to avoid slouching on a desk. No problem with AOC’s monitor arms: thanks to the fitted gas-springs they are adjustable into any conceivable position so the monitor can always be brought to eye level. In a shared work environment each user can easily adjust the monitor’s depth, height or tilt to their individual preferences. It’s also good for collaboration: users can swivel their monitor so a neighbouring colleague can see the screen content too. 

AOC's new single monitor arm AS110 will be available at an MSRP of £39 and the double arm AD110 at an MSRP of £69. The VESA brackets VESA60, VESA75 and VESA-P1 will all be available at an MSRP of £19.

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