Macroblock Presents Low Power Consumption LED Display Driver - MBI5035 with Power Saving Up to 35%

15th April 2011
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In response to the trend of energy saving and environment protection, Macroblock launches the first low power consumption 16-bit LED display driver - MBI5035, which features low knee voltage of 0.2V to reduce power consumption of LED display as well as carbon emissions up to 35%.
To implement the environmental protection concept, Macroblock presents MBI5035.” said Macroblock general manager Robert Chen. “LED display embedded with MBI5035 brings power saving and cost saving to advertisers. Facing with the worldwide rising electricity fees and energy saving requirement, MBI5035 is definitely the preferred LED display solution. he emphasized

LED display embedded with MBI5035 can reduce noise during system operation because of less power supplies and fans in LED display modules. Therefore, MBI5035 is more suitable for indoor

applications. With low knee voltage of 0.2V, MBI5035 features low driver temperature as well as the environment temperature. Therefore, MBI5035 can effectively enhance system stability and realize longer LED life time.

Traditional LED display drivers waste 35% of power in the form of heat. According to Macroblock statistics, 100 square meters of LED display adopting MBI5035 will reduce power loss by 35% as shown in the table below.

Comparison Table of Electricity Fee Between Traditional LED Display and Power-Saving LED Display

Note: The calculation is based on Co2 emission factor for American electric power: 0.549 kg CO2/kWh. Besides, the average U.S. industrial electricity fee for the year 2009 is USD$ 0.068/kWh.

MBI5035 adopts PrecisionDrive™ technology to enhance color accuracy and current uniformity. The design of staggered delay of output between channels can avoid inrush current and reduces EMI interference. MBI5035 is compatible with traditional MBI5024 in packages. LED display manufacturers can easily upgrade their LED displays with MBI5035 by optimizing power supply design.

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