Luminus introduce 'breakthrough' in LED tech

1st December 2023
Kristian McCann

Luminus Devices introduces the LUX 3030 and 2835 series, featuring groundbreaking KSF narrow-band red phosphor technology.

These cutting-edge LEDs, recognized for their superior performance, bring brilliance, efficiency, and high colour rendering to the forefront of lighting solutions, setting new industry standards. The 3030 and 2835 LEDs deliver a 120° typical viewing angle and minimum 90 CRI with very high lumen/watt efficacy for high-performance general lighting applications including replacement lamps, panel lighting, downlights, and architectural lighting. They are compatible with automatic placement equipment as well as with infrared reflow solder processes and are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Yves Bertic, Senior Business Line Director at Luminus, comments, "The LUX Midpower series is a game-changer in the LED industry, reflecting our commitment to delivering cutting-edge lighting solutions. These LEDs, with their high efficiency, outstanding colour rendering, and use of reliable Current TriGain KSF, will undoubtedly revolutionize the landscape of general lighting applications."

Since the products' introduction, user testimonials affirm the exceptional performance of Luminus LEDs with Current TriGain KSF, outshining the competitors using copycat KSF. TriGain technology is known for its robustness, longevity, and durability across various applications.

Maintaining a high level of efficiency is exceptionally important worldwide, but is of increased significance in Europe, where energy efficiency incentives are gaining prominence. With efficacy as high as 207 lumens per watt, the LUX Midpower series is strategically being adopted by customers to qualify for such incentives. These incentives typically mandate that the entire lighting system, including optics and drivers, achieve a minimum of 120 lumens per watt. Given the significant global increase in energy costs and the growing demand for superior lighting quality, the launch of these new products is opportune.

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