Keyboard from Devlin Aids Deep Clean Hospital Programmes

1st November 2007
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Devlin Electronics has announced the full release of a new infection control keyboard in its Healthcare Range. The KCR-106-6XX is specifically designed to help health services tackle the problems of hospital acquired infections.
The new keyboard is the result of an intensive programme to develop a product specifically for medical applications, which completely removes potential infection traps found in standard keyboards and can withstand rigorous cleaning procedures. The KCR-106-6XX is not only fully submersible but offers a unique patented ‘clean’ key, allowing it to be cleaned rapidly without the need to close down applications or switch off the computer. This means that effective hygiene measures can easily be adopted without disrupting or delaying normal hospital routines.

“The new keyboards are capable of playing a valuable supporting role as hospitals intensify their efforts to combat the effects of MRSA and C-difficile,” explains Martin Baker, MD of Devlin. “The British Government’s announcement of new measures to control infection including the appointment of a regulator, alongside greater powers for matrons and nurses, highlights the risks inherent in standard equipment. Most of the keyboards currently in use were developed without proper provision for infection control procedures. Consequently, their design does not allow for the routine and thorough cleaning procedures that are now considered standard practise.”

Unlike membrane-covered keyboards, the KCR-106-6XX provides the ‘feel’ of a full-sized standard keyboard, which improves accuracy and cuts frustration for those using it with gloved hands. “A modest investment in the healthcare keyboard will deliver dramatic improvements in cleanliness without losing functionality,” concludes Baker.

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