Holo Industries Launch Large-format Holographic Solutions

24th September 2021
Louis Regnier

Holo Industries LLC has expanded its line of Holographic TouchTM applications to include large-format, contactless holographic solutions. The increased sizes are made possible by glass holographic plates from ASKA3D, a division of Japanese Technology firm Asukanet and are distributed by Holo Industries LLC worldwide. Available plate sizes measure 310mm (12.2” x 12.2”), 420mm (16.5 x 16.5”), and 630mm (24.8” x 24.8”). The precision glass plates are 5.6mm (0.22”) thick and consist of strategically positioned vertical mirrors, hundreds of microns wide and manufactured in Japan using ASKA3D’s patented process.   

“Large-format holographic signage and displays in the retail and exposition sectors have experienced tremendous growth here in Japan,” said Yuji Matsuo, Asukanet’s CEO. “Through Holo Industries’ proactive sales and marketing efforts, we anticipate the same level of enthusiasm for this innovative technology in North America and Europe.”

The holographic plates, together with sensors and Holo Industries’ proprietary software and hardware components, comprise the Holographic Touch product line. With this technology, users can safely touch, pinch, scroll, and spin any image, even sign their name effortlessly in mid-air. The static holographic image or video is clear and precise, and Holo’s user interface (UI), provides an impressive 50 millisecond response time.

“Holographic Touch was initially invented as a safe and germ-free way for employees and customers to interact in mid-air, so businesses could thrive during the pandemic,” says Glenn ImObersteg, Holo Industries CEO. “But in the past year, many new and innovative uses have emerged, and the demand for our holographic solutions has been unprecedented. We have more than 70 prototypes in the field, in applications using our 200mm and 310mm displays, in hotels, libraries, ATMs, coffee vending machines, and more. The larger imaging capacity will expand our target markets to include displays in retail stores, malls, expositions, museums, and other locations.”

In addition to the new formats, Holo Industries will manufacture in the Holographic Touch products in 50mm for doorbells, kitchen and lavatory applications; 100mm for entry systems and keypads in the near future. Our current line includes 200mm for ATM, hotel and hospital registration systems; 250mm  for restaurant menus, and 310mm for Hotel registration and other small- to medium-format applications.

Holo Industries’ products are available as:

  • Modular Solutions
  • Demos & Prototypes
  • Integrated Systems
  • Plastic or glass holographic plates

Holo industries and Holographic Touch can be experienced at HX: the Hotel Experience in New York in November, Self-Service Innovation Summit in Florida in December, and CES in Las Vegas in January.

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