Highly efficient power LEDs

10th May 2006
ES Admin
Just available from Forge Europa is what the company claims is the world’s most efficient power LED. The Cree XR lamp has an efficacy of 47lm/w and, at these levels, LED technology is considerably more efficient than incandescent or halogen and is starting to encroach on the province of fluorescent lighting. efficient power LEDs.
The XR series is available in a full range of colours including both warm and cool white and although white LEDs are often criticised for their lack of colour consistency, the CREE devices are all tested and sorted into tightly controlled bins for both colour and intensity. All parts are then supplied on reels of 1000 pieces with each reel only containing parts from one bin.

The Cree XR series also offers a number of other significant benefits including reduced thermal resistance (8oC/w), electrically neutral thermal paths and a reflow solderable package. This makes the XR series a user friendly option for manufacturer’s designing LED light fittings and keeps overall production costs to a minimum.

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