Hand tracking solution eliminates the need for touch

11th March 2021
Mick Elliott

The concern over touch screens has hit the news time and again with their capability to harness bacteria and viruses making the public focus on their safety. 

Now Review Display Systems is offering a solution with the latest hand tracking technology from UltraLeap – the Leap Motion Controller.

This is an optical hand tracking module that captures the movement of user’s hands and fingers so they can interact naturally with digital content.

It is small, fast and accurate and can also be used for productivity applications with Windows computers, integrated into hardware solutions or displays, or attached to virtual/augmented reality headsets for AR/VR/XR prototyping.

The controller is capable of tracking hands within a 3D interactive zone that ranges up to 60cms or more, extending from the device in a 140x120° typical field of view.

The software is able to discern 27 distinct hand elements, including bones and joints, and track them even when they are obscured by other parts of the hand. 

The Leap Motion Controller is certified compliant to safety and electrical regulatory standards. 

It is easy to integrate into applications and can be retro-fitted to existing concepts or hardware

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