Fast touch display modules offering rapid time-to-market

11th May 2023
Kristian McCann

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Powertip STM32 range of touch display modules incorporating a powerful STMicroelectronics MCU chip with an Arm Cortex-M7 480MHz core.

The Powertip STM32 modules are aimed at applications where rapid response times and smooth graphics are needed. 

The STMicroelectronics MCU provides a high level of performance, resulting in rapid response times and very smooth graphics. For example, instrumentation products will be able plot graphs quickly and without jitter and support full MJPEG video playback.

Time-to-market is of essence these days and the easy-to-use TouchGFX Plug & Play software will enable developers to define the display’s graphic touch interface very quickly using graphic icons from the supplied library stock. In addition, custom graphic blocks can be quickly generated or Graphics can be uploaded from external sources direct to the system.

Uniquely, Inelco Hunter provide their own BSP (Board Support Package) allowing customers to develop using STM32CubeIDE or KEIL MDK effectively turning the display into a standalone embedded module in its own right. 

Screen sizes range from 3.5” to 5” with a high resolution and wide viewing angles - typically 480x272 pixels with an 80° full viewing angle and a brightness of 800+ lumens.

The displays feature Capacitive Touch input technology. Low power consumption is also a key feature - the built-in Chrom-ART accelerator saves processing power and frees up the MCU for other applications where needed. The STM32 modules all feature Embedded 16MB RAM and 32MB QSPI Flash memory, plus a Micro-SD slot for expandable storage. Support is provided for I2C, UART, SPI, USB, RTC, Ethernet and CAN bus.

Developers will no longer need to work on the MCU hardware platform, shortening the development time by many months. Also, the purchasing team will only need to manage one component instead of multiple items like Flash, RAM and MCU. All of which are very unstable at the moment in terms of supply. With IHL lead times of stock to 12 weeks available this offers a quick turn to market solution. Customised solutions can also be provided, including casing options as one example.

Inelco Hunter provides helpful, in-depth engineering support, ensuring rapid implementation, speeding up the customer’s time-to-market. This added-value support is at the core of Inelco’s philosophy, and has been for the last 30 years, setting them apart from the "stock & ship" distributors.

Customers are increasingly looking for complete solutions with a high degree of service, to provide them with truly converged, totally embedded solutions. This has inspired Inelco Hunter to develop their “Totally Embedded” range of services and embedded hardware/software solutions which include: Camera Modules, SoM Modules, Smart Display Modules, Embedded Systems (Pi plus Displays), Thermal Printers, Connectors and Cable Harnesses.

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