Crystal Display Systems partners with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co, Ltd

26th January 2024
Paige West

Crystal Display Systems Ltd (CDS) announces its new strategic alliance with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co, Ltd.

This partnership enables CDS to offer Startek's comprehensive display range, including a variety of industry-standard sizes and formats, as well as a diverse selection of Bar Type Panels, Round TFT Panels, Square TFT Panels, Transflective TFT Panels, and Wide Temperature TFT Panels.

Paul Tagg, Sales Manager - Small Format Displays at CDS, said: “Having been in the display industry for 30+ years and having worked with some of the world’s main display innovators, I was astounded by the vast array of different sizes and formats available from Startek. I have never seen a product range so extensive, if you cannot find it in the Startek list, it is simply not being made by anyone."

CDS's partnership with Startek reflects the dynamic nature of technology, especially in the display industry. CDS's designers are at the forefront of innovation, continually addressing issues with existing display sizes and pushing design boundaries. This has led to a surge in the availability of bar, square, and round TFT display options. Nonetheless, CDS maintains a strong lineup of industry-standard sizes, catering to the technical and budgetary requirements of today’s OEM applications. The range offers versatility within each display size, including variations in brightness, pin assignment, resolution, interface driver IC, and dimensions. CDS provides competitive and compatible models, offering alternatives during times of long lead-times and cost pressures.

Display formats

Bar Type Displays: CDS's ‘Bar Type’ or ‘Stretch’ displays offer high-resolution options for challenging spaces, with IPS wide view technology for quality viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations. They are ideal for various applications, including industrial, military, and automotive/aerospace sectors.

Round TFT Displays: these aesthetically pleasing displays eliminate the need for circular bezels, offering a modern look and wide viewing angles. They are suitable for applications ranging from industrial instrumentation to household appliances.

Square TFT Displays: square displays, with their high-resolution IPS technology, provide a modern and versatile option for various applications, including outdoor environments.

Transflective TFTs: ideal for outdoor use, these displays offer readability in all light conditions, balancing power efficiency and visibility. They are perfect for hand-held applications and environments with direct sunlight exposure.

Wide Temp TFTs: engineered for extreme temperatures, these displays ensure consistent performance in a range of harsh environments, suitable for industrial, marine, automotive/aerospace, and military applications.

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